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Once in every lifetime, in every universe, there comes a hero whose sense of justice is so true, whose heart is so aflame, that even the darkest evil cowers in its light... 

...might you be that hero?

Hero Revolution (name pending) is a modern science fiction tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the iconic Japanese tokusatsu superhero television franchise Kamen Rider. In it, you play a group of talented, driven people who use your skills, resources, and the power of hope to defeat evil and heal the hearts of those you meet along the way. 

Whether you are a hotheaded hero, a brutally efficient rival, or even a kindhearted civilian, there is a force deep within you that can inspire the innocent, redeem those who have chosen the path of darkness, and cut down the vines of wickedness wherever they grow. 

Hero Revolution is a complete action TTRPG for 3 to 5 players, using an entirely new die-pool system, the Style Matrix, as well as the Drive Gauge to measure your resolve and inspiration through difficult conflicts. 

With mix-and-match skills and abilities between 5 Hero Roles, 5 Civilian Roles, and 8 Personalities, alongside rich selections for Motifs that shape your world and atmosphere, craft your own legend of heroes and allies fighting for justice and peace in a troubled world. 

Seize the power deep within you... 

...and transform

Learn more about the development of Hero Revolution, including access to the future 'bootleg' draft ashcan of the game, by becoming a patron for $4 or more at patreon.com/therisingtithes. A playable alpha draft of this game will be available on itch.io in early 2023!

What is the point of this game?
Hero Revolution is about cool kicks and cooler heads, about iron will and hearts of gold. In this game you will kick grunts so hard they will explode, and use your resolve, your fighting spirit, and your empathy to stand up for innocent people and bring wayward souls back from the brink of evil and despair.

That sounds kinda cool. Is this game gonna be cool?

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