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You have vast magical power within you, so much that the still-frightened world sees  you as wicked and unfathomable. Your family judged you; your neighbours whispered about you; your loves secretly harbored fear and spite. But you're still the only force capable of defeating those that distort daydreams into nightmares and consume the energy of dreams, leaving mortals hopeless and their physical spaces warped. 

You were once of a pact: a coven of fellow evokers, a sisterhood of close blood, friends forged by hope or tragedy. Before the Manticores came, you hadn't seen each other in ages, insisting that you would come back together as one when the time was right. 

Is there any better time than when the future is at stake? 

Evokers' Pact is a Dream inspired by magical girl anime and primetime television dramas about people with vast magical power defeating eldritch creatures the world cannot comprehend. Three to five players determine the history of their old pact, rekindle their own emotional bonds, and seek to survive in a world where their neighbours don't trust them and interdimensional beings seek to eat their dreams. 

(updated to v1.0)


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this Dream you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Evokers' Pact Singles (v1.0) 485 kB
Evokers' Pact Spreads (v1.0) 460 kB

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Community Copies

Each copy of Evokers' Pact purchased adds one copy to the community pool for those who can't afford one at the listed price at this time. If you can't spare the coin to buy this game at the moment, please claim one of these free copies for the community. Also feel free to take advantage of this community pool if you are a person of colour, queer, disabled, a national of the Global South, or a member of any marginalized community. 

NOTE: For every copy of Evokers' Pact purchased at its default listed price, 1d4 copies of the game will be added to the community pool, at a minimum of 2 copies. This means more copies for those who cannot afford it, while also more fully supporting me and my work.

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